The Water Dragon

Imoogi was a water dragon who ruled the waters. Nothing was faster than him for speed, agility or power. But Imoogi was bored as nothing could keep up with him in the water. He started playing with the weather, swishing the wind this way and that, making clouds. Imoogi then made the seas, lakes and rivers, so that he would have a place to play and rest. But soon he was bored again.

Imoogi saw fishermen trying to learn how to sail. They weren’t very successful with booms hitting each other and boats running into rocks. Dragons, especially water dragons, have always been honoured and considered all knowledgeable. One day, a waterman begged Imoogi to teach him how to read the wind and water that Imoogi controlled. Imoogi was curious, but only wanted to race around the water.

To learn the secrets of the water, the man promised Imoogi that he would race Imoogi on the water everyday and keep him company. Imoogi agreed and the knowledgeable dragon taught the man the secrets of the wind and the water, on the condition that he raced every day to keep Imoogi company and try to beat him on the water.

The man and Imoogi enjoyed many days racing, the man building better boards and Imoogi flitting through the water, giving him the wind and water to race the seas. Imoogi created a terrible thirst, which has made man search the seas and why every map which had a sign ‘Here be Dragons’ as a taunt by Imoogi to discover new waters with him.

This is why every waterman has the passion to race the waters and that the sea is his true mistress. He is keeping his promise to race with Imoogi. His heart is given to racing on the water and without that, he would stop living. To this day, he is still trying to beat Imoogi in a race.

We chose the water dragon for our logo as they rule the water. These powerful guys control the water and the weather and absolutely nothing beats them for speed. Unlike their fiery cousins, water dragons are knowledgeable and benevolent so are happy to share their knowledge.