About VMG

VMG blades specialise in carbon watersports fins. We are based in Sydney Australia, testing in the Oceans and Bays surrounding Sydney.

VMG blades has a long history racing, designing, and building racing yachts, windsurfers, and high performance fins. They have now turned their attention to SUP racing fins.

VMG blades is building a winning reputation in Paddle boarding.  2013 marked the entry in to Paddleboarding for VMG blades, building custom fins and rudders for Brad Gaul, who went on to win the World Championships in Peru and then the Molokai to Ohau race.

In conjuction with Team riders Sam Parker, Terrene Black and Beau O’Brian the Mako SUP racing fin was developed.  To get the best out of your board, you really need to use a fin which has been designed through detailed analysis of foils, outlines, bend, twist and construction for the specific use of SUP  racing.  We believe our performance windsurfing and sailing background has given VMG blades a unique insight into what makes a fin work.

Now with VMG blades entry into SUP Racing, Chris competes and trains hard with some of the best SUP racers in Australia.  Chris likes to personally test all of his designs, so that he can validate the performance against the design theory.

The VMG blades Mako SUP racing fins have already been very successful winning races around the world.

Here are just a few of the recent results

2015 Lost Mills Fastest Paddler on Earth

2015 Standup World Series Stop 2 Finland

2015 Euro Tour Bilbao

2015 Australina Flatwater Titles

2014 King of the Cut

2014 The Doctor

2015 Australian Distance Champion