Winner of the 2015 Lost Mills “Fastest Paddler on Earth”

Trevor Tunnington used this fin to win the 2015 Lost Mills 200m Sprint by over 2.5 seconds.

Mako Time Trial built for speed and tracking.  The Ultimate in performance racing.

The Mako Time Trial has a wide base which maximizes your strokes on each side, combined with the light weight, short length, optimized foil design and thickness ratio, it allows the board to accelerate quickly, and maintain a super fast glide.

As with all of our fins, this design is efficient at shedding weed, so you confidently know that nothing is holding you back.

NOW Available to fit 8 inch finboxes

Please specify in the order notes at checkout if 8 inch base is required


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StylePure speed racing
Intended ConditionsBuilt for speed and tracking
Closed waters
Competition TypeSprints / Time Trial
Harbour / River Marathons
Surface Area (in2)40
Weight (g)175
Draft / Length (mm)190
Base Width (mm)230
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What is the Velocity Made Good Concept?
Simply put, VMG is the most efficient use of effort
towards a goal.

Why VMG Blades Mako fins?
High quality carbon construction
Ultra light – so light they float
Prolonged glide – optimised foil decreases drag
Innovative leading edge R&D
VMG gets you across the finish line faster

How to choose my fin?
What do you want most out of a fin – Speed, Stability or Agility?
Which conditions or events will you predominantly use the fin?
How much stability do you need?

Beau O’Brian – 3rd Battle of Paddle Distance
3rd Lost Mills 200m Sprints
“I never believed that a fin would make such a difference, but when I put the Mako in my board, it just released all the drag. No drag means the fin is doing its job. It’s more stable, it just glides, the VMG Mako keeps it going.” Beau O’Brian